Life is short baby, I’m reminded of that damn near every day. Life is short and the problems in the world are pretty immense. It’s hard to get a grasp on them. That’s what this blog is ultimately about, it’s about life, the world, problems and ultimately attempts to solve them. I want to start with a foundation, an internal moral code I suppose and eventually expand that code and apply it to the world’s problems at large.

For my part, I grew up in a small town in rural America. I was a restless spirit, always questioning and never quite fitting in. I grew up in a village of about 500 people. As soon as I hit eighteen I left. Since then I’ve been around the world. I’ve been a soldier, a student, a veteran, a leader, a logistics and operations guy, a world traveler, an aid worker, a problem solver, a lover and a friend. These days I’m constantly trying to learn and be of as much use as I can in this short time that I have. I’m probably a bit to serious, but I do know how to laugh. Just trying to express all the thoughts in my head lest they drive me crazy.

So this blog will try to cover a topic from time to time, I’ll generally start each post with a story based from experience and then move out to my thoughts and reflections on it. It will start from the internal foundations of a person and our shared foundations as human beings. Eventually it will tackle world issues from that very humanistic perspective. Hopefully I won’t be to damn verbose. And it, as me, myself will constantly try to re-invent itself along the way. Since at the end of the day, it’s all about getting the job done. And the job here is no less than expressing life itself.